Prisoners go free

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  • 24 June 2008

Mohamed has been freed

Rex and Mohamed were released from jail this afternoon (24.06.08, 3.35pm).

The 'convicts' were freed following a staggering 18 hour stint behind bars after they pleaded to Big Brother to let them out during a "parole interview" in the Diary Room.

Big Brother told them: "Big Brother believes you have been successfully rehabilitated and you may now rejoin the group."

Rex shouted: "We're free, we're free!"

Mohamed ran straight to the ash tray for a cigarette while Rex joked about the housemates' refusal to give up one of the hot water tokens in exchange for their freedom.

Rex said: "I'm going to turn on all the hot taps now so that I can get my money's worth."

Bubbly cookie monster Kathreya was delighted she has her friends back.

She said: "Welcome back. Hooray! Thank you Big Brother, I'm happy now!"

The pair were originally sent to the creepy cage - which has an eerie backdrop of dolls' heads - for discussing nominations, something Big Brother strictly forbids.

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