Jeremy Clarkson: 'I considered killing myself due to hospital boredom'

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  • 13 August 2017
Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has joked that he thought about killing himself because he was so bored during his recent hospitalisation

Jeremy Clarkson says he thought about killing himself during his recent hospitalisation.

The 'Grand Tour' star became unwell while on a recent trip to Majorca with friends and was admitted to hospital where he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia, but Jeremy, 57, has joked that he was so bored that he considered suicide.

He wrote in his column for The Sunday Times: "I'm sure many of you will have found yourself in hospital, not having planned to be there. But for me it was a new experience. And a weird one. Because I was in a room with nothing on the walls except wallpaper, and most of that was coming off. And I was in there for an hour, on my own, with absolutely nothing to do. The boredom was so bad I thought often about killing myself."

Jeremy - who says his doctor told him he could die if his illness was not properly treated - explained that he has never been ill before in his life and was disappointed not to contract something more exciting than "pathetic" pneumonia.

He wrote: "In all my adult life I've never been ill. Oh, I'm sure my children have found me in a white-faced heap on the kitchen floor from time to time, and they must have heard me calling for God on the porcelain telephone, but they've never seen me in bed, whimpering and pleading for soup.

"I've led an idiotic life filled with smoking and danger and germs, but despite this I've never taken a sick day. I've never had an antibiotic. I've never had food poisoning. I've never broken a bone, and I sure as hell have never spent a night in hospital.

"I'd always hoped that when the luck ran out, I'd catch something exotic, something that would cause a doctor to harrumph, reach for his textbooks and then pull together a panel of great medical minds from all over the world to discuss in wonderment what might be done. About the chap with a supernumerary penis growing out of his forehead.

"But no. Instead I got a pneumonia, which is what my mum said I'd catch if I went outside without a vest. It's pathetic."

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