Ashley James to host Love Island?

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  • 13 August 2017
Ashley James

Ashley James

Ashley James wants to replace Caroline Flack as the host of 'Love Island'

Ashley James wants to host 'Love Island'.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star is currently presenting behind-the-scenes videos for 'Hollyoaks' and adores her new job, but she's also got her eye on eventually replacing Caroline Flack on the saucy show.

She said: "I love working with 'Hollyoaks' - it's surreal being on set as I used to have posters of Duncan from Blue and Gary Lucy.

"[I'd love to present] 'Love Island'. I don't want to steal Caroline Flack's job but I'm obsessed with relationships - maybe because I'm so bad at them."

After two years away from 'Made In Chelsea', the blonde beauty suggested she isn't too interested in going back.

Asked if she'd ever return to the show that made her famous, she said: "TV is always the dream and I have meetings all the time, but I'm doing presenting now."

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old star is reluctant to start dating again after so many disastrous experiences, but she's taking steps to change her approach.

She told LOOK magazine: "I'm not really dating. I've been burnt so many times that I think I am a bit hesitant. I'm currently reading 'The Five Love Languages' [by Gary Chapman]. It helps you interpret relationships.

"Like right now, I'm messaging someone who's frustrating and it's teaching me to be more vocal and communicate how I'm feeling more."

And Ashley admitted she doesn't feel very comfortable using dating apps.

She said: "I downloaded Bumble but I swiped the wrong way for ages. I'm bad at messaging - I call people."

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