Mikey's crude comments

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  • 24 June 2008

Mikey wearing his sun hat

Mikey is under fire for making crude comments about the female housemates.

The blind radio producer joked about the girls spreading their legs while they stretched in the bedroom yesterday (23.06.08).

Jennifer said: "He goes on like a 12-year-old and says something horrible then laughs like it's funny but it's not, it's derogatory.

"He says things about women that it would be unacceptable for other men to say in here."

Dale agreed: "He does say some disgusting things."

Hunky new housemate Stuart told Mikey how the other housemates were feeling about his remarks.

Even Mario - who has taken Mikey under his wing since day one - warned the cross dresser to choose his words wisely.

He said: "I believe Jen is quite a decent girl and she found it offensive and is upset. You've got to be a bit more aware, Mikey."

But Mikey defended his comments.

He said: "It's not like they're 15, they're 21 years old!"

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