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  • 24 June 2008

Sylvia could be leaving on Friday

Mohamed and Sylvia are said to be up for eviction this Friday (27.06.08).

The bickering pair wound up their fellow housemates with their constant arguments and apparently received the majority of nominations yesterday (24.06.08).

Churchgoer Sylvia has frequently aired her outrage at Mohamed's suggestion they should pretend to be a couple in order to secure magazine deals when they leave the house.

Toy demonstrator Mohamed told Rex he suspected Sylvia, Luke, Dennis, Rebecca and Jennifer were the ones who nominated him.

Rex said: "It's not Sylvia. She keeps getting drawn into it. It's Dennis, Jen and Dale. That's the three that don't like us."

The professional chef insisted he is "not actually bothered anymore".

He added: "All the people in here who are genuine are very different to me. But they've got nothing to interest me, and I've got nothing to interest them.

"People you think are genuine, you don't get on with because you've got nothing in common with them. It's lose lose."

Meanwhile, Luke revealed he has a "hit list" of housemates he wants to be evicted.

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