Mikey suspects Rex

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  • 23 June 2008

Rex is Mikey's prime suspect

Mikey suspects Rex is behind the missing custard creams.

The blind radio producer turned detective this afternoon (23.06.08, 3.40pm) and deduced the "head chef" could be behind the theft.

He said: "I suspect it would be the people who stay up the latest. The head chef would have to be one of them."

Luke agreed that self-styled playboy Rex was a prime suspect because he had the most access to the kitchen.

Suspicious Mikey also floated the idea of US songwriter Darnell being behind the biscuit hording.

He said: "Darnell was farting quite bad yesterday, it could have been him."

Mikey also said he was going to play the mystery housemates at their own game by hiding a tub of peanut butter under his bed.

Housemates spent yesterday (22.06.08) rowing after two packets of custard creams went missing overnight.

Sylvia - who admitted to hiding biscuits in the past - denied the theft.

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