Jennifer to marry Luke?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 June 2008

Jennifer told Luke he would "make a good little husband".

The mother-of-one and part-time model told the 20-year-old student - who dreams of a career in politics - his kitchen skills would make someone very happy during a chat this afternoon (23.06.08, 12.15pm)

Luke said: "If things don't work out, I'll call you in 10 years. There are no attractive politicans."

Later after making his nomination in the Diary Room, Luke confessed to Jennifer how he told Big Brother he was thankful she was in the house with him.

She told the straight-laced tee-totaller she felt sorry for him when he got pushed into the cold pool by Rebecca last night (22.06.08).

Jennifer continued to speculate about Stuart's part in the house, suggesting Big Brother put him in the house to tempt her.

Luke added: "He's very shifty and he's very uncomfortable. He doesn't want to go into detail about anything."

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