Double eviction planned?

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  • 23 June 2008

Luke pondering the eviction process

Luke believes there will be a "double eviction" on Friday (27.06.08).

The politics student is convinced this week's nomination process won't be normal after Alexandra was kicked out and replaced by new housemate Stuart.

But this morning (23.06.08, 9.50am), Big Brother announced nominations would be taking place within the hour and that Stuart would be exempt.

Before the announcement, Luke - who last night hinted he was going to nominate Rebecca after she pushed him into the pool - quizzed Stuart about how he can make a decision after just two days in the house.

Father-of-one Stuart admitted it would be a tough call and would be a lot easier if there were people he didn't like in the house.

Meanwhile, 'will they, won't they' couple Jennifer and Dale discussed the possibility of Stuart and Sylvia being in a secret relationship.

Jennifer said: "Think about it. We had a set up to start with between Mario and Steph, but Steph wasn't very good at it. Who's to say these two aren't just very good?"

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