Cara De La Hoyde is expecting baby boy

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  • 7 August 2017
Cara De La Hoyde

Cara De La Hoyde

Cara De La Hoyde and her ex-boyfriend Nathan Massey are set to become parents to a baby boy

Cara De La Hoyde is expecting a baby boy.

The former 'Love Island' winner and her ex-boyfriend Nathan Massey - who met and fell in love on the show last year - are set to welcome their son into the world in November.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Cara said: "Obviously the main thing we wanted was for them to be healthy, but we were leaning towards wanting a boy, so we were so excited. We both just looked at each other and were like, 'Oh my God, it's a boy!' ...

"I'm not very girlie so I'd rather have a little boy who'll get all muddy than a little princess. I'm a bit more rough and ready. Now we know the sex, it's so much more real."

And, although they've still got a few more months before they meet him, the pair are already trying to pick out a name for him and are adamant they want it to be traditional.

Cara explained: "We're not naming him after food or a place, he's going to have a strong name. And with clothes, I like the traditional look - like how Sam Faiers dresses baby Paul. I'm on a Whatsapp group with all the 'Love Island' girls and they want to buy stuff for the baby. I said: 'Girls, I'm not being a diva but I don't want any modern stuff.' "

Cara has also been giving her birthing plan some thought and has admitted she'd really like to deliver the baby in water because she's "quite mother-earth" at the moment.

She said: "I want to do a water birth because I'm quite mother-earth at the moment. I'm going to do hypnobirthing sessions, too ...

"I wouldn't mind filming the birth for a TV show if it was for the right reasons. I'm going full Kourtney Kardashian and pulling the baby out and eating the placenta."

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