Housemates miss Alex

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  • 23 June 2008

Former Big Brother housemate Alexandra

Luke and Sylvia miss Alexandra.

The pining pair confessed the house isn't as exciting without the troublemaking housemate, who was kicked out for "unacceptable behaviour" on Wednesday evening (18.06.08).

Sylvia said: "She always had something to say, even if it wasn't good."

Luke agreed: "We weren't short of conversations."

Politics student Luke, 20, and churchgoer Sylvia, 21, also said they were getting fed up of Welsh beauty queen Rachel's constant niceness.

Sylvia said: "I think the way she speaks is quite patronising. She never has an opinion on anything and I'm bored of it."

Luke added it is impossible for Rachel - who is unaware she has a half-sister on the outside - to be so "obnoxiously happy" all the time and said he was sick of her "teacher's voice".

Sylvia was recently labeled as "the new Alexandra" by blind cross dresser Mikey and has been causing aggressive situations in a similar way to the former housemate.

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