Mikey's blind luck

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 June 2008

Mikey lying in the luxury bedroom

Sylvia told Mikey he is "lucky" to be blind.

The controversial comment came this morning (22.06.08, 10.35am) after part-time model Jennifer complained about the lights causing her instant headaches in the morning.

She said: "They hit you right in the corneas."

But when cross dressing Mikey - who lost his sight completely after an operation 10 years ago - said he didn't have that problem, Sylvia told him he was "lucky".

Mikey and Sylvia have clashed on many occasions, prompting radio producer Mikey to label the churchgoer as his most disliked housemate and a "devious liar".

At around 5am this morning, Jennifer confided in Dale - who openly admits he fancies the mother-of-one - about her struggles to get out of bed, causing the alarm to continuously sound.

She said: "When we hear the wake up alarm during the day it's always me. It's so funny."

Dale replied: "You are always the last one up."

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