Alexandra lives on?

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  • 22 June 2008

Sylvia in the Diary Room

Mikey has labelled Sylvia 'the new Alexandra'.

The blind cross-dressing housemate - who has clashed with the Sierra Leone-born churchgoer on a number of occasions - said Sylvia is trying to become the new "alpha female" after domineering Alex was booted out of the 'Big Brother' house on Wednesday (18.06.08).

He told Luke: "She's bossing Becky about and she bosses you. I think she's dead shallow and selfish. I don't like her. Actually, she's one of the only people in the house who I don't like."

Luke agreed: "She's leading the pack."

Later, Mikey blasted the 21-year-old student again after discovering she was hording cookies from the rest of the group.

Toy demonstrator Mohamed revealed Sylvia's secret stash to Mikey, Mario and Lisa, saying he was "not a happy bunny".

Mikey added: "That's pure lies from Sylvia. Sylvia is a devious liar."

Sylvia defended her actions, saying she only took what belonged to her.

She said: "I'm not stealing. All I did was take what was mine and just hide it. That's not stealing."

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