Sylvia's couple con

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  • 22 June 2008

Sylvia and Stuart in the bath

Sylvia and Stuart are pretending to be in a relationship.

Churchgoer Sylvia - who has a boyfriend of four years - and newcomer Stuart decided to play on their fellow 'Big Brother' housemates' paranoia yesterday (21.06.08) by acting like a loved up couple.

Stuart said: "People think we're a couple. We should go along with that."

Syliva replied: "That's what I'm doing."

Later, Sylvia added fuel to Rex and Mohamed's conspiracy theory by openly asking Stuart in front of the group if he had given her the teddy bear she brought with her.

Stuart said: "Yeah. When you came up to Manchester."

Despite claiming to be playing a game, Sylvia has confessed she has a crush on the hunky new housemate and even climbed into bed with him on his first night.

She has also expressed fears her boyfriend may have seen her flirty advances on the father-of-one and plans to dump her when she gets out of the house.

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