Emma Willis wants to compete on Strictly with husband Matt

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  • 3 August 2017
Matt and Emma Willis

Matt and Emma Willis

Emma Willis has revealed she's up for strutting her stuff on the ballroom on BBC One show 'Strictly Come Dancing' and would like to appear on it with her husband, Busted's Matt Willis

Emma Willis thinks she and her husband Matt Willis should both compete on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' host has previously admitted she would be jealous of Busted bassist Matt getting close to a dance partner on the show, but insists she would never hold him back and is keen for him to take part - and would even like to give the ballroom a whirl herself.

In an interview with Heat magazine, she said: "One of my good friends is always saying to me, 'Let him do it'. And I'm like, 'No, he is not dancing with those fit girls.' But if Matt wants to do it, he can. In fact, I do say to him every now and again, 'Go on, get your sequins on'. And his reply is, 'No.'

"Of course, the paranoid woman in me, which I'll hold my hands and say I am thinks, 'I was joking, but I'm not sure I want you grinding up against a really hot female.'

"But if he really wanted to do it, would I say no? Of course not. I'd just have my eye on him. I love him, but I would be jealous on the inside if it happened. Part of it is because I want to be able to dance like that myself. Maybe we should both go on it."

As well as taking the reins of the 'Big Brother' launches and live evictions, 41-year-old Emma is a woman in demand and also presents 'The Voice' and occasionally fills in on 'This Morning'.

Despite her great success on the small screen the brunette beauty insists she takes nothing for granted and is always striving to prove herself.

She admitted: "I never feel like anything is going to last, so I'm flabbergasted to be still doing this after 15 years. It's only really the last few years things have been going so well, so I feel like I've only just started. Even though I'm 41, I feel like I'm just getting going. "Then I worry and think, 'If I'm 41 and just getting going, and people don't want to use me by the time I'm 50, I haven't got much longer left.' But I'm quite paranoid. Or maybe realistic is a better word.

"I know things are going great now, but next year or the year after? It could be very different."

Emma Willis doesn't think there's a rivalry between 'Big Brother' and 'Love Island'.

The 41-year-old beauty currently hosts the Channel 5 reality show in which contestants are forced to live together in a house filled with cameras, and has said she doesn't believe there's any competition with ITV2's 'Love Island' - which has aired at around the same time over recent weeks - as the programmes are "completely different".

Speaking about the two shows - which both finished airing their latest series recently - Emma said: "I don't think there is any rivalry between the two shows, they are completely different. They can both exist alongside each other.

"'Love Island' is about couples looking for romance and 'Big Brother' is about a group of people being taken out of their comfort zones, from different walks of life, and seeing how they cope living with each other."

And Emma is desperate to see her show continue for many years to come, and has said she'd love for 'Big Brother' - which turned 17 this year - to make it to its 20th anniversary.

She said: "I hope it's got legs. I've been obsessed with it since it began in 2000, but everything has a shelf life. Hopefully it will go for a little while longer. It would be nice for it to at least make 20 years."

The show host is gearing up for the celebrity edition of the show which starts on Tuesday (01.08.17), and hopes there won't be any divas in the line up.

She told The Sun newspaper: "In the normal Big Brother the contestants are fighting for a lot of money, but in 'Celebrity Big Brother' I like it to be fun as all the housemates are being paid to be in there.

"The housemates who threaten to walk because the hot water is turned off are a bit annoying, as it's not like anything seriously bad will happen to them. They just need to enjoy it and put on a good show."

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