Annoying male housemates

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  • 21 June 2008

Sylvia in bed

Sylvia and Jennifer bitched about the male housemates this morning (21.06.08, 11.15am).

The two 'Big Brother' contestants started their discussion by chatting about newcomer Stuart before moving on to complain about how the other men in the house perceive them.

Jen broached the subject of Stuart, saying: "He probably thinks we're all boring old people who go around and do nothing."

Disagreeing, Sylvia said: "I dunno, when we were here it was fun, fun, fun."

Jen replied: "When we first came it was."

Sylvia then confided in Jen she was concerned she had spent too much time with Stuart the previous evening (20.06.08).

Sylvia said: "I'm trying to stay away from Stuart. It's not healthy for me."

Jen assured her she had done nothing wrong, but Sylvia said Rex had been teasing her.

Sylvia said: "Rex has been saying 'You're smiling a lot Sylvia.' "

The news angered Jen, who fumed: "Do you feel absolutely p***ed off? Just because he's a man and he's the same age we must obviously fancy him? We've got a new housemate and automatically it's that we fancy him."

Meanwhile, Kathreya attempted to allay any fears Dale had about Stuart entering the house.

During a chat with Dale - who has a crush on Jen - this afternoon (12.16pm), she said: "Don't worry, you're the first fitty here."

Talking to Mohamed last night (20.06.08), Dale admitted he was worried Stuart might come between him and Jen.

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