Boys' Alex moan

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  • 21 June 2008

Mohamed, Darnell and Dale

Darnell, Dennis, Mohamed and Dale discussed former contestant Alexandra with Stuart this morning (21.06.08, 10am).

The four men also explained what living in the Big Brother house is like to the newcomer, and revealed the huge impact it has had on them.

After Stuart asked the boys if the house had clocks, Darnell replied: "This house is so paranoid that at one point we didn't believe they were telling us the real time."

Stuart then started pumping the boys for information on Alex - who he replaced after Channel 4 bosses asked her to leave on Wednesday (18.06.08) - saying: "It must have been bad to get booted out after two weeks."

Mohamed replied: "I think she was expecting it. She must have been."

Mohamed also revealed how worried the housemates are about how they are perceived, saying: "You don't know what the outside world thinks."

Recounting a time Alex made him feel uncomfortable, Dale said: "She was making loads of hand signs and I was like 'I'm not sitting next to you.' "

Later (10.36am), Rex backed up the boys' comments by telling Stuart he would never have met anyone like Alex.

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