Paranoid housemates

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  • 21 June 2008

Rex in the Diary Room

Stuart's arrival sparked paranoia among the 'Big Brother' housemates last night (20.06.08).

Stuart entered the house during the live show and was given a cool welcome by some of the other contestants, who instantly suspected he was hiding a secret and was not just a normal housemate.

Rex kicked off the speculation by insisting he hadn't heard any crowd noise outside the house.

He said: "After an eviction, they play the crowd noise to let the real crowd go home. They're not playing that."

Stuart assured him there were people outside, but Rex remained unconvinced.

Later, the chef began to wonder if Stuart was already in a relationship with someone in the house.

Rebecca also voiced suspicions about muscley Stuart, saying: "Maybe he's someone's ex. Maybe he's Jen's ex! He knew my name and called me Bex. How could he know that?"

Luke had misgivings about the new contestant, saying: "It's definitely exciting, but it's at the expense of one of us."

The housemates also began to suspect Jennifer and Dennis were part of a secret mission after Big Brother called them to the Diary Room straight after Stuart arrived.

Lisa said: "I think they're all in on a plan."

Stuart soon picked up on the tension and told Sylvia he was surprised by how bad the atmosphere was.

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