Peter Kay won't bring back Car Share

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  • 1 August 2017
Peter Kay

Peter Kay

Peter Kay is adamant 'Car Share' is over and done with because he wants to let it rest on a high

Peter Kay is adamant he'll never bring back 'Car Share'.

The sitcom became an instant fan favourite when it first hit television screens two years ago as viewers became fixated with the characters on John and Kayleigh (played by Peter and Sian Gibson, respectively) and how their relationship blossomed from travelling to and from work together, but the comedian insists, despite rumours, he's not going to make a third instalment because he wants it to go to bed on a high.

Speaking to speaking to Jason Manford on his Sunday morning Absolute Radio show last weekend, he said: "It is lovely but I don't know what to say. It is very flattering but I think if you have told a story you have told it, there is nothing else you can do.

"What people want and keeping that standard up is difficult so you don't want people to say oh that went off. It is lovely that they would want it in theory, but you don't want it to become contrived so you are better off just leaving things sometimes."

The 44-year-old funnyman even joked that people have been protesting outside his home with oil burners because they're desperate for him to bring the show back.

He said with a laugh: "I am delighted but it is borderline aggression now. There are people outside my house with oil burners and placards now so I'm having my family threatened, it is like Argo. It is just telly."

But, although he's not planning to bring back 'Car Share', Peter recently revealed that he has a lot of "ideas" for another instalment of Phoenix Nights' - another comedy written by Peter starring Paddy McGuinness, which ended in 2002.

He said: "I love 'Phoenix Nights' and I would love to go back. I've got a lot of ideas about 'Phoenix Nights'. In fact there's a whole series three been written for about 15 years but so many things get in the way in life like touring and being a father.

"Real life continues and 'Car Share' takes about a year to make and edit."

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