Sir Bruce Forsyth is 'frail'

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  • 1 August 2017
Sir Bruce Forsyth

Sir Bruce Forsyth

Jimmy Tarbuck has revealed his close friend Sir Bruce Forsyth is "frail" but on "good form", amid concerns he may never perform again

Sir Bruce Forsyth is "frail" and there are concerns he may never perform again.

The 89-year-old TV legend hasn't been seen in public for the past 19 months and his close friend Jimmy Tarbuck admitted he is in a "very serious" state after an aneurysm, amid fears he might not take to a stage ever again.

Jimmy, 77, said: "He's okay but he's a bit frail. He's had an aneurysm. It's very serious."

Despite the former 'Strictly Come Dancing' co-host's ailments, he is said to be in "good form".

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the comedian told an audience in Blackpool at the weekend: "I saw him a week ago and he is on good form."

In March, Jimmy revealed Bruce - who has been married to Wilnelia Merced since 1983 - was in good spirits at home shortly after spending five nights in hospital with a severe chest infection.

He said at the time: "It was just good to see him.

"Wilnelia made some sandwiches and a nice pot of tea and we just reminisced and blathered and laughed. He's getting there.

"He had a fall and a fall doesn't do you any good at any age, but he's at an age where it took a bit out of him.

"For 50 years, Bruce has been 35 years of age to everyone - when he's actually 89.

"It's the lights and the adrenaline. It all happens when you walk on there."

The former 'Generation Game' presenter underwent keyhole surgery in 2015 after suffering two life-threatening aneurysms.

Bruce admitted in 2014 he quit 'Strictly' after 10 years because it was affecting his health.

He said: "Live television is very strenuous, especially when some shows are an hour and 40 minutes.

"I have to do all the announcements and introduce the judges. And I'm running up and down the stars 40 to 50 times per show.'

"And I was getting the flu. I always got the flu in studios."

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