Demanding Mike Myers

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  • 21 June 2008
Mike Myers

Demanding Mike Myers

Mike Myers reportedly unleashed a list of demands when he appeared on a US talk show earlier this week.

The comedian was on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' to talk about his new movie 'The Love Guru' when he ordered some interns to go and find him various items before he started his interview.

A source said: "He sent a team of interns on a wild goose chase for Silk non-dairy creamer to put in coffee, Twizzlers and raspberry soda."

However, Mike was less than impressed when one of the interns got his order wrong.

The source added to the New York Post newspaper: "He sent one of the interns back out to get him a new drink when he realised his seltzer was not the brand he requested."

'The Love Guru', a comedy starring Mike, Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake, is released later this month.

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