Mikey's Sylvia row

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  • 20 June 2008

Mikey in the Diary Room

Sylvia broke down in tears after a heated argument with fellow 'Big Brother' housemate Michael this afternoon (20.06.08, 3.45pm).

The row broke out in the luxury bedroom when Mikey - who was trying to rest - complained Sylvia was disturbing him by chatting to Luke, Jennifer and Dale.

Mikey called Sylvia "selfish" and added she had kept him awake the previous evening (19.06.08) by giggling, talking and "making a racket" in the bedroom.

He said: "I just think you're dead selfish."

A furious Sylvia said contestants aren't allowed to sleep in the day anyway.

Mikey then complained Sylvia had kept him awake for an hour the previous night, saying: "You're keeping me awake and you're keeping other people awake."

She retorted she wasn't the only person who was making a noise in the evening, and said she had no intention of changing because she had come into the house "to have fun."

She raged: "So we can't make noise in here at night when you're sleeping at night, and we can't come in here and make noise in the afternoon, is that what you're saying?"

Although Sylvia seemed livid with Mikey at first, she later broke down in tears while discussing the disagreement with Rebecca.

Upset at being the only person Mikey had spoken to about the noise issue, she said: "He's trying to single me out and I think it's unfair."

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