Bitchy Mario and Lisa

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  • 20 June 2008

Mario and Lisa in bed

Mario and Lisa think Rebecca is an "attention seeker."

The 'Big Brother' couple began discussing Bex in the luxury bedroom this morning (20.06.08, 11.37am) with Lisa asking her boyfriend if he thought Bex's recent sulky behaviour was simply a ploy by her to get attention.

Mario replied: "Oh without a doubt. She's always looking for an opportunity to get in there."

Lisa said: "She needs to be careful. She's acting crazy."

The couple's comments came after Bex became the first housemate to be sent to the Big Brother jail last night (19.06.08).

Bex opened an envelope from Big Brother and was distraught when the note inside ordered her to go straight to jail.

She complained about her imprisonment by making a sign using make-up which read: "Big Brother is a beast."

However, her plan backfired when she was forced to stay in jail for an extra hour as a punishment for creating the notice.

Meanwhile, Bex did some bitching of her own this afternoon (2.10pm) when she told Dennis Michael was annoying her.

Bex said she "felt bad" that Mikey was irritating her, but couldn't help how she felt.

Dennis said: "I spoke to Mario and he's going to keep on top of things."

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