Mohamed's meeting

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  • 20 June 2008

Mohamed in the living room

Mohamed held his house meeting this afternoon (20.06.08, 1.33pm).

Although it was originally supposed to be a chance for him to talk about his issues with the shopping list, the other 'Big Brother' housemates seized the chance to raise their own issues.

Mohamed kicked things off by telling the group it wasn't fair his request for halal food had been left until last.

He said: "Yesterday I felt left out of the group."

He then asked the other contestants to bear his dietary requirements in mind when they compiled the next list.

When some of the other housemates voiced concerns at the way the budget was handled, Rex - who was in charge of the list - refused to listen, saying: "I think the shopping task was done well, except missing off Mo's halal."

Dale countered: "I disagree, it wasn't done well."

Agreeing with Dale, Mario said: "We should have nailed the necessities first."

A diplomatic Lisa suggested: "We should have a good chat the night before and work it out what we need. Necessities need to be done first. But Rex has done a good job because it's hard."

The group finally agreed three or four housemates will fill out the shopping list on their own next week.

The contestants also discussed toilet hygiene and the need for a dish-cleaning rota.

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