Mohamed's food moan

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  • 20 June 2008

Mohamed and Jennifer chat

Mohamed is so upset about the food budget he has called a house meeting.

Muslim Mohamed is angry about the way the shopping list was compiled yesterday (19.06.08) because he struggled to make his request for halal meat heard.

He asked Rex - who was in charge of the list - to add the meat three times, but it wasn't until Lisa took over from Rex that his order was noted.

Several of the housemates agree with Mohamed, with man mountain Mario keen to chair this afternoon's meeting (20.06.08) because he was so appalled by the way the ordering was organised.

Mario said Rex "got it wrong" yesterday, and called the chef's actions "despicable."

Lisa also voiced concern over the compilation of the list, likening it to a "cattle market."

Flamboyant Dennis agreed, saying: "Mohamed should have been able to put it on the form when we put our mince on, early on. He said he felt left out."

Lisa added: "I think Rex told him to be quiet."

Kathreya was quick to stick up for her friend Rex, saying: "I think Rex wanted to get things done under pressure. He did try his best. Whoever do it going to make mistake one way or another."

However, Mario refused to give even an inch, arguing: "You can say that, because you got your food. How would you feel if you were in Mohamed's position? The focus is on Mohamed and the way he was treated, and in my eyes it was despicable."

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