Olivia Buckland was on medication for anxiety

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  • 26 July 2017
Olivia Buckland

Olivia Buckland

Olivia Buckland has just come off her medication for her anxiety - thanks to her boyfriend Alex Bowen

Olivia Buckland used to be on medication for her anxiety.

The former 'Love Island' contestant - who competed on the reality TV show last year - has admitted she's battled with the mental health condition since she was a teenager but credits her boyfriend Alex Bowen, who she met in the villa, for helping her beat it.

She told new! magazine: "I've had it since I was in school. I used to be quite popular, but I'd hide it. No one knew. I had bad anxiety when I came out of 'Love Island' but things have really changed now and it's because of Alex. I've learned to trust again and he always makes me feel good about myself. It was down to being badly treated by an ex - that was the original trigger - when I was about 17 ... I was on medication but three weeks ago I came off it. That shows how much my life has changed."

And, although the couple are now engaged to be married, the 23-year-old reality TV star isn't planning to have a baby with her beau any time soon - although he wants to.

She explained: "I tweeted that my ovaries ache last week because I spent time with my nail technician's two-month-old baby boy, Jackson. He's so cute.

"Alex and I do get broody at times and Alex really wants a baby. He keeps asking and I'm like: 'No! We're too busy!' Alex doesn't want to be over 30 when he becomes a dad, so if he's 30, I'll be 27 and I don't mind that."

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