Sylvia's Mohamed secret

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  • 20 June 2008

Sylvia in the living room

Sylvia bitched about Mohamed last night (19.06.08).

She accused Mohamed of continually interrupting her and ordering her around, and claimed he asked her to pretend they were lovers when they leave the 'Big Brother' house to help them win magazine deals.

During an argument with Mohamed, Sylvia said: "You came in here and let rip about the straighteners, don't be so patronising."

Claiming it was simply a misunderstanding, Mohamed said: "I did not butt in, I was stating a fact. It seems anything I do around you is wrong, Sylvia."

After witnessing another one of their rows, Rex told Sylvia not to be "mean" to Mohammed.

Sylvia replied: "I'm not being mean. He's getting involved. There's no need for it."

Kathreya tried to convince Sylvia that Mohammed probably didn't mean it, but Sylvia said: "He does. He does! He's been doing it all afternoon. It makes people frustrated."

Listening in on their conversation, Dennis was quick to get Sylvia to reveal her secret about Mohamed.

Sylvia obliged: "He said he liked me in 'that' way. He said to me that we should pretend to be a couple so we can make some money, so we can sell a story to the magazines. That's what he told me."

A horrified Bex said: "That's pathetic, you've made it clear to everyone that you have a boyfriend. Mohamed's doing everybody's head in."

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