Elliott Wright bans James 'Arg' Argent from singing at wedding

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  • 25 July 2017
Elliot Wright

Elliott Wright

Elliott Wright has told his friend James 'Arg' Argent that he can sing a few songs at his wedding but he won't be the main entertainment

Elliott Wright doesn't want James 'Arg' Argent to sing at his wedding.

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star is set to tie the knot with his partner Sadie Stuart next year and, although he's invited his ex-co-star to the nuptials, he has told him he can't be the main evening entertainment - although he will let him do a few songs.

Speaking to star magazine, Elliott said: "He thinks he is, but that's debatable. He can crack out a few numbers but that's it. He came out to Spain last week and convinced me that he's going to sing in [Elliott's restaurant in Marbella] Olivia's."

But, although he's already decided that Arg won't be his reception entertainment, the 36-year-old hunk hasn't started planning his big day yet and has left it all to Sadie.

He explained: "I'm busy with my restaurant Olivia's, so Sadie's taken the reins at the moment. We haven't had any bridezilla moments yet.

"It's difficult to plan because we have such a large family. There are 258 guests, which is challenging. I've thrown in some ideas but it's really what Sadie wants. Sh'es let me get on with the entertainment."

Elliott and Sadie - who got engaged last summer - were initially hoping to tie the knot abroad but have come to the realisation that they can't expect all of their friends and family to jet out there, so have agreed to hold their big day in England.

He added: "I would have liked to have it at Olivia's but it would be a big ask for all the family to come to Spain, so it looks like it's going to be in England."

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