Dale compliments Jennifer

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  • 20 June 2008

Dale and Jen on the sofa

Dale showered Jennifer with compliments in an early morning chat today (20.06.08, 5.04am).

The 'Big Brother' couple started talking about the first time they met, and it wasn't long before fellow housemate Darnell - who was sitting with the lovebirds - began to look distinctly uncomfortable.

Perhaps fishing for compliments, Jen said: "I remember Dale staring at me. Why were you staring?"

Without missing a beat, Dale replied: "Because I was shocked when I saw you, because you're really pretty."

Darnell let out a nervous laugh, while an embarrassed Jen covered her face with her hands.

She then said she had been up for ages and wasn't looking her best at that moment.

Clearly on a roll, Dale said: "You are pretty. This is when it counts because that's when you know that someone's naturally pretty."

Trying to steer the conversation in another direction, Darnell said: "Yeah, for real. When they wake up in the morning and they're still looking good, you know you're onto a winner, dude."

Taking the hint, Jen then killed the mood by asking Dale if he had ever woken up next to someone who was really unattractive.

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