Montana Brown 'never' wants to talk to dad again

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  • 24 July 2017
Montana Brown

Montana Brown

Montana Brown is adamant she will never have a relationship with her father - even if he does try to contact her

Love Island's Montana Brown "never" wants to speak to her estranged father again.

The 21-year-old beauty - who was dumped from the famous villa alongside her boyfriend Alex Beattie in last night's (23.07.17) show - has blamed her dad for causing her to have trust issues when it comes to romantic relationships and is adamant she doesn't want anything to do with him - even if he does reach out to her after the show.

Speaking to The Sun Online, she said: "I know who my father is but I don't have any sort of a relationship with him. I've grown up without him. I do not want to make amends with him at all - that is not what I am looking for and not why I entered the show.

"Even if he was proud of me for doing this experience - that is not something that is going to happen. I don't want him in my life. I never thought I would speak about it on TV. It is something I normally do my best to avoid speaking about. But I have a lot of barriers so I needed to open up about that. It was important."

The brunette star hit the headlines almost every day because of the amount of "noisy" sex she and Alex had in the love shack, but she's adamant they didn't get frisky any more than anyone else, their bed was just in line with the camera more than the others.

She explained: "For anyone who's said that we had the most sex in the villa - that's not strictly true. Kem and Amber had the most sex in the villa - without a doubt.

"The trouble was our bed was in the middle of everyone else's so it was really obvious when we were at it. Amber and Kem's bed was right at the end of the row - they got lucky being that far away. I was right in the middle. I did feel bad, as there were two couples either side of us but oh well. I was completely entitled to do what I wanted to."

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