Gabourey Sidibe spends weeks in bed

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  • 23 July 2017
Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe admits she rarely leaves her house when she gets a break from work

Gabourey Sidibe can spend "weeks" in bed when she isn't working.

The 34-year-old actress is very active and stays incredibly busy when she's filming musical TV drama series 'Empire' but admits that in the months where she gets a long break from the show, she rarely leaves the house, even though she tells people she is incredibly "busy".

She said: "Eight months of the year, I'm filming 'Empire' in Chicago. You'd think it would get in the way of writing but I often write in my trailer.

"When I'm shooting, I need to be at work for 5.30am for make-up and wig installation. I have breakfast and ride to rehearsal on my tricycle - yes I have an adult tricycle that I keep on set so I can get around as fast and as annoyingly as possible . I'm usually on set for 10-12 hours. If I get off work early enough, I go home and swim in my building's pool for an hour.

"Being on hiatus from work is an entirely different animal. I have no schedule. I can spend days, if not weeks, in my home, sleeping, watching TV and only leaving my bed to forage for food, while lying to everyone and telling them I'm busy writing. I am not."

Gabourey shot to fame playing the lead role in 'Precious' and she admits it can be frustrating that people still associate her so strongly with a character she played so long ago.

She told Britain's ELLE magazine: "I'm trying to give enough of who I am so that my audience is convinced of the real me: Gabourey V Precious. It can be very frustrating to be a 34-year-old woman mistaken for a character I played when I was 24.

"Even though that character did great things for my entire world, it's Gabourey I've been working on my whole life."

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