Housemates' Big surprise

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  • 20 June 2008

Luke in the living room

A new housemate will enter the Big Brother house tonight (20.06.08).

The new contestant will move into the house during tonight's live show, and will act as a replacement for Alexandra who was removed by Channel 4 bosses on Wednesday (18.06.08).

It has also been confirmed that Davina will interview Alex - who was asked to leave after making threatening comments during a conversation with Darnell - on the show.

The news will come as no shock to the current housemates, who spent much of yesterday (19.06.08) discussing the prospect of a new contestant.

Luke was adamant the house would be getting a new person and was worried they might be volatile like Alex.

Explaining why such a person would be bad for the house, he said: "There are more than enough combustible elements in this house for us all to explode."

In a later conversation with Bex, he said: "Whoever comes in won't be quiet at all, they will be confrontational, they will hate us all."

Bex claimed she had a "feeling" they would be getting a new housemate, but also said she wasn't sure she wanted one.

Luke and Sylvia echoed her thoughts, with both saying it would be hard for a new person to gel with the group.

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