Bitchy Darnell

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 June 2008

Darnell in the living room

Darnell has been bitching about Rebecca.

When talking to Sylvia this afternoon (19.06.09, 3.50pm), the albino songwriter claimed Bex is smarter than she lets on but likes people to think she is stupid.

He also claimed the nursery nurse pretends she is only joking when really she is angry because she does not want to risk being edited badly.

Keen to get everything off his chest, Darnell said Bex tries to cover up her true feelings by pretending she has not reacted to situations in a negative way.

When Sylvia pressed Darnell on the matter, he admitted he was talking about the contestants' first night in the house.

Bex jumped into the swimming pool naked prompting Darnell to call her a "beast."

He says she got angry with him, but Bex insists she was just joking.

Darnell's outburst came after he mistakingly thought some of the housemates called him stupid.

At first irate, Darnell calmed down after Sylvia told him: "Just because our opinions conflict it doesn't mean I'm stupid or you're stupid. You read into things too much, you're not stupid."

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