Moaning Kat

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  • 19 June 2008

Kat in the living room

Kathreya is annoyed with her selfish housemates.

The massage therapist went to the Diary Room to speak to Big Brother today because she was so fed up with her fellow contestants moaning about this week's shopping list.

In an uncharacteristic tirade, Kat said: "People just think me, myself and I - 'I want this, I want this, I want this'. If you give them the hand, they just want the whole arm. It's just never enough.

"I don't understand why we all look forward for two weeks to get the luxury budget, and when we get it, it still unhappy. People are just so demanding."

She also said she hated the way the housemates always argued while picking their food, saying: "Why don't people think about other people?"

Kat also said she felt sorry for Rex - who has been accused of mismanaging the shopping the budget by several housemates - because he was just trying to organise the group.

She said: "We only have maximum three month here. Why not play game, have some fun?"

Talking to Rachel this afternoon (19.06.08, 2.06pm) Kat said she didn't see the point in getting upset about anything because she would rather look to good things in the future.

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