Kat's worries

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  • 19 June 2008

Kat in the Diary Room

Kathreya is worried the other housemates are angry with her.

The massage therapist was in the garden with Rex, Jennifer, Sylvia and Luke this afternoon (19.06.08, 2.47pm) when some people outside the 'Big Brother' house began shouting over the wall.

Although the housemates were told to move into the house immediately, they heard people shouting phrases including "we love you Kat!", "cookies!" and "cookie monster!"

The contestants all told Kat she must have a "fan club" but she didn't pay them any attention, saying: "It's only a small group of people, I won't get excited."

However, later (2.59pm) Kat began to worry the shouting might have a negative impact on her fellow housemates.

She assured them they all had fans on the outside, and then asked if they were all upset with her.

Luke told her everyone in the house loved her and she shouldn't be silly, saying: "We're your fans for crying out loud!"

Commenting on Kat's love of cookies, he then said: "You're going to be the new face on McVitie's!"

Jen was also quick to comfort her, saying: "It's lovely. You should be really pleased."

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