Food fights

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  • 19 June 2008

Mario and Mikey in the garden

Some of the housemates are angry about the way the Big Brother shopping budget was allocated.

Luke, Mario, Jennifer and Michael are especially unhappy with the food which was ordered because they think Rex - who was in charge of compiling the list - mismanaged the budget.

Luke said it was "chaos, absolute chaos" and added it was joke that the group had ordered 80 beers and 10 ciders.

He said: "We are going to be under by about £80."

Lisa said she thought Rex would be better at ordering food because he is a chef, and added she was especially worried about Mario because he has lost a lot of weight since entering the house.

Jennifer called the ordering process "ridiculous" and placed the blame fully with Rex, saying: "He doesn't listen."

She added: "It's just something that we can't afford to mess up."

After claiming the housemates had failed to spend £200 of their £490 budget, Mikey also criticised the decision to buy lots of fruit juice.

He said: "It will be away within two days."

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