Hollyoaks' Mandy Richardson and Luke Morgan back together

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  • 20 July 2017
Sarah Jayne Dunn

Sarah Jayne Dunn as Mandy Richardson

Sarah Jayne Dunn has revealed her 'Hollyoaks' alter-ego Mandy Richardson is back together with Luke Morgan

Hollyoaks' Mandy Richardson and Luke Morgan will make their return as a couple.

The loveable pair weren't together when Sarah Jayne Dunn - who portrays the blonde bombshell - left the soap six years ago, but she has revealed fans will be in for a shock when she and her former flame (played by Gary Lucy) head back to Chester.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Thursday (20.07.17), Sarah said: "I didn't know Gary was coming back. I got my script and one of my first scenes was Mandy and Luke and I was like: 'No way is this Luke!' So I texted Gary straight away and said: 'Oh my God you're going back. This is so exciting.' So the two of us back together.

"They are back together. I can tell you that much. They're a couple. Mandy and Luke return together. Six years is a long time - Gary has been away from the show even longer - so there's a lot of story telling to do."

However, although bosses are keen to have the Mandy back fans "know and love", the 35-year-old actress has admitted her alter-ego has fallen on harder times.

She explained: "She's fallen on harder times - she's going through a tough time ... She's a headstrong character and what's really nice about this return is that we really want to go back to Mandy - the Mandy we all know and love. We need to find that."

Sarah has done numerous things since she walked away from the show over half a decade ago, but she "jumped" at the chance to reprise her role when she was contacted by the producer Bryan Kirkwood earlier this year.

She said: "A split second, I jumped at the chance. Bryan Kirkwood was back at the helm - our producer - and he's so passionate about the show and when they talked to me about the storylines they've got planned for Mandy, I just couldn't not go back.

Sarah and Gary - who quit the programme 15 years ago - will be back on screen as Mandy and Luke, who were teenager lovers, from next week.

She added: "Back on screen next Monday. It's really nice to have a character that's so full and that's been through so much."

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