Housemates squander shopping?

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  • 19 June 2008

Mario in the Diary Room

Big Brother gave them one hour to choose their items this morning (19.06.08, 11.23am) but Mario had already angered Rex - who took control of ordering - by saying last week's food planning was done badly.

The muscle man said: "To be honest, we could've done better. We need to utilise the food catalogue better."

He also complained chef Rex always takes control of the kitchen.

Rex replied he had only done that because they were on a basic food budget, although Mario remained unconvinced.

Later, the group's decision to go through the catalogue item by item proved controversial with Dale particularly worried about some of the choices being made.

He said: "We've picked the first six things on the list. This has got to last us a week."

Rebecca also voiced concerns when she realised they had spent £200 by the fourth page of the book, but the others ignored her.

Among the items ordered by the group were Pot Noodles totalling £12, four bags of chillies, chilli flakes, five balls of mozzarella, 14 tins of spaghetti, six packs of bacon, six packs of sausages, three chickens and beefburgers.

With five minutes to go, Muslim Mohamed had still not been allowed to add any halal meat to the list, causing Mario to advise him to "bypass Rex and order it directly."

As Big Brother announced their time was up, Mikey complained the exercise was a "farce" as they hadn't spent the entire budget.

Mikey said: "We are down £200, we squandered it. That was a farce."

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