John Torode's sweaty bum crack

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  • 17 July 2017
John Torode

John Torode

John Torodo has revealed he suffers with "chef's arse" which leaves him chafing from the sweat storing up in his bum crack

John Torode claims he gets a sweaty bum crack from working in the heat of the kitchen.

The 'MasterChef' co-host has opened up about the embarrassing ailment which he says is a known condition in the industry called "chef's arse" and was previously healed by rubbing flour into the crevice.

The 51-year-old star has described how the sweat building up in his bottom would become extremely painful and leave him with chafing.

John told the Daily Star newspaper: "It happens when you get really hot and the sweat drips down your back and the only place it can go to is the crack in your bum. And then the sweat dries and becomes salty and it chafes together and you get chef's arse."

Explaining one of the remedies for it, he added: "There used to be all sorts of remedies, like rub cornflour on it."

However, chef's arse hasn't stopped the restaurateur doing his job and he has a new gig coming up, a brand new cookery show called 'John Torode's Korean Food Tour', which kicks off tonight (17.07.17) on the 'Good Food'.

John - who is married to 'Celebrity MasterChef' winner Lisa Faulkner - said of the programme: "It's a fascinating tour of South Korea through 10 one-hour programmes.

"It was an extraordinary journey. I was dropped into a world that I knew very little about and I learned a huge amount.

"Each show is based around a theme, be it a season of the year or an ingredient. You'll see me cooking with a few people and trying out the recipes for myself."

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