Luke mimics Mario

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  • 19 June 2008

Luke in the garden

Luke has been parodying accident conscious 'Big Brother' contestant Mario.

The cheeky student mocked Mario for his obsession with health and safety this morning (19.06.08, 10.18am) after Dennis found a nail in the kitchen.

Luke said: "It's a good thing Mario didn't find it. Then we'd have to have another health and safety meeting."

Imitating the muscular Adonis, he continued: "Does anyone know what the kitchen's for?"

He then added: "I think it's something to do with a fire blanket."

Dale, Rex and Dennis then decided to get in on the joke, with Dale saying: "The key to the fire extinguisher is that it extinguishes fire."

Dennis then queried whether the extinguisher was water or foam.

After deciding the house was adequately prepared for fire, Luke again mimicked Mario by saying: "Health and Safety regulations of 1965 clearly state that there need to be two pieces of fire safety equipment in a kitchen of that size, and we have two."

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