Stephanie Davis vows to move on

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  • 16 July 2017
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis insists she is going to "move on" from Jeremy McConnell and focus all her attention on their young son

Stephanie Davis has vowed to "move on" from Jeremy McConnell.

The former 'Hollyoaks' actress insists she's had it with her volatile on/off relationship with the Irish model and her only focus now is their six-month-old son Caben-Albi.

She said: "Caben's my world, my absolute world, my pride and joy. If you asked J what time he was born how much he weighed he wouldn't know.

"For him to say in an interview that he wishes the mother of his son dead is disgusting.

"He has NO respect. I have no words and don't think Jeremy will EVER understand all his has done to me, and that's what hurts the most.

"I have Caben to think of now, I've done it before and I'll do it again - as long as my son is ok that is all I care about.

"What Jeremy has been telling me is love isn't love . The hardest thing for me is I've never got closure and I never will get it, I've just got to accept it and move on."

The 24-year-old star has been having therapy to help her deal with the explosive romance, and the sessions have made her realise just how bad Jeremy is for her.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I've been having counselling and my therapist pointed out that it's like you've got two cars and mine was running low on petrol.

"All I've done is fill his tank up. I've sucked my life dry. I've given him everything defending him, always making excuses for him and eventually the therapist asked, what happens when your car runs out of petrol? You break down, and I've completely broken down."

Stephanie felt the beginning of the end for her and Jeremy was when Caben was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties in March - and the 27-year-old hunk went out drinking and unleashed a paranoid attack on the actress, which she claims was due to cocaine use.

She said: "Caben had breathing difficulties. Jeremy came over and we talked and he said he was fixed, but then told me he was going back to Ireland for a friend's leaving drinks.

"I said, 'That's fine, just let me know when you get home safe', but I didn't hear from him until the next afternoon.

"I then got messages saying apparently I'd taken Caben to a different hospital to be with someone else, that I must be having an affair in a hospital and he could prove it because the blankets were a different colour.

"It was completely absurd, but he has these psychotic episodes on coke where he's so paranoid about everything."

She claims she later discovered he was away with another girl.

She said: "I've found out he was with her all along, even before I came on the scene. Even when we were together last year they were sleeping together. And when I was pregnant they were full on seeing each other. And they were still carrying on after I had Caben in January - I've seen pictures of them together in hotels. History repeats itself, doesn't it?

"Sick. I don't really know how I'm going to come through this."

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