Dennis's Mario moan

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  • 19 June 2008

Dennis in the Diary Room

Dennis and Rebecca are furious with Mario because of his loud snoring.

The two housemates were kept awake for much of last night (18.06.08) by the noise, and became increasingly more agitated as the evening went on.

When Bex complained about Mario's snores, Dennis said: "Say something if you can't sleep, it's not gonna stop otherwise."

Five minutes later the flamboyant dance student teacher jumped out of bed, exclaiming: "I cannot cope with this, with this I cannot cope."

Later, he complained to Darnell, Jennifer and Dale: "I clapped my hands really loudly but he didn't move. I just canny cope. "

Furious Dennis and Bex decided to have a cigarette to calm down, but were distraught to discover their lighter was broken.

After Big Brother refused to issue them with a replacement, an annoyed Bex told him to "kiss her a**e."

Clearly sick of getting no sleep, Dennis wasted no time in confronting Mario this morning (19.06.08, 10.12am).

He said: "I couldn't bear your snoring last night!"

Luke was quick to back him up, saying: "It was bad."

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