Big romance?

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  • 19 June 2008

Jennifer in the living room

Jennifer and Dale's 'Big Brother' romance hotted up last night (18.06.08).

Dale chatted to the 21-year-old model while she had a bath, before she decided to trim his facial hair wearing a towel.

As Jen chopped away at Dale's beard talk to turned to the eviction process, with Jen asking Dale who would be waiting to greet him when he left.

He said: "No-one, all my mates are in Ibiza all summer."

To which Jen replied: "So you're gonna have no-one there? Do you want me to be there?"

Dale responded: "Yeah! Of course."

Clearly not wanting to appear too keen, Jen advised Dale to start taking better care of his appearance.

She said: "For someone who looks after their body so much I'm surprised you don't look after your skin and hair. I've already had to pluck your monobrow since I've been here."

She also advised him to start using Clearasil to clear up his spots.

Meanwhile, the budding relationship between Luke and Rebecca has also set housemates' tongues wagging.

Kathreya teased Luke, saying: "Is she your woman? She was on top of you last night!"

An embarrassed Luke sought to quash the rumours, saying: "I can't begin to explain how much she is not my girl. I could write a political essay on how she is not my girl."

Bex - who admitted stealing some tinsel from the karaoke booth as a present for Luke earlier in the evening - jokingly replied: "Don't make me cry Luke, I'm very upset."

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