Japanese task passed

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  • 19 June 2008

Housemates in the lounge

The housemates have passed their Japanese-themed shopping task.

The contestants screamed with delight when Big Brother announced they had passed the challenge last night (18.06.08), with the excitement becoming so feverish Darnell got a nose bleed after an over-enthusiastic cuddle.

Talk quickly turned to how the group should spend the luxury budget - which sees each person get £5 per day to spend - with Rex suggesting they buy 110 bottles of beer.

The chef's lust for alcohol was backed by Mohamed, who later said: "I'm going to have some alcohol tomorrow."

Luke began salivating at the thought of chocolate and fizzy drinks, and suggested the housemates spend the budget on "just absolute junk food."

Generous Jennifer planned to "make everyone a great big massive chocolate cake" because she was so pleased they had passed the task.

After saying she wanted to spend some of the money on cookies, Kathreya announced she was so hungry she could eat Luke.

The suit-loving student replied he couldn't advise that because he would taste more like "a twiglet" than a cookie.

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