The Vamps two-part record inspired by heartbreak

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  • 13 July 2017
The Vamps

The Vamps

The Vamps next two-part album 'Night & Day' (Night Edition)' is inspired by the four members breakups

The Vamps' new two-part record is inspired by heartbreak.

The 'All Night' boyband will release their new record 'Night & Day (Night Edition)' tomorrow (14.07.17) and have revealed that all four of them went through break-ups at the same time and used songwriting to get over their exes.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, lead singer Brad Simpson - who is joined by Tristan Evans, Connor Ball and James McVey in the group - said: "At one point or another, all four of us have been heartbroken - which is sad! But songwriting is the biggest catharsis and outlet."

Brad, 21, admits that if it was the other way around he would find it difficult to date a pop star.

He said: "If the tables were turned we would struggle with it. It's about finding someone who is understanding and gets it, and it accepting of the situation."

However, the dark-haired hunk accepts that heartbreak is something everyone goes through.

He said: "Every person in life goes through it. At the same time, it's you coming to terms with who you are as a person ... there's a lot to get your head around."

While love was lost, the 'Middle of the Night' hitmakers have wound up gaining their most "honest" album to date, which steers away from previous outings 'Wake Up' and 'Meet the Vamps'.

He explained: "It's a bit more honest and telling of stories of things that have happened to us over the past couple of years.

"It was a bit of a departure from previous albums. A lot of the songs are catered to the concept of the album which is different for us."


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Quick & cool review of “Same To You” (one of the songs on the album) I found: :)

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