Video premiere: Tryptamines – More Unforgotten Friends

Video premiere: Tryptamines – More Unforgotten Friends

Take an exclusive look at Tryptamines' newest video

In Tryptamines' new video – which is a lush black and white epic – singer and pianist Callum Peterkin's classical background slips to the fore. Their latest song, 'More Unforgotten Friends', invites listeners into a luscious soundscape that wouldn't seem out of place in an indie flick.

'More Unforgotten Friends' is taken from Tryptamines' new concept album, The Way Which Can be Named is Not the Nameless Way, an LP that comes after the group won Best Eclectic EP at the Independent Music Awards 2016. Peterkins' songwriting prowess takes on elements of classical music, to create an avant chamber pop-style. The poignancy of 'More Unforgotten Friends' is more relevant when considering the background of the group, and of Peterkins'. After an injury in 2011, Peterkins' music career was in jeopardy due to nerve damage, followed by an addiction to painkillers, depression, and a cancer scare. However, six years later, Peterkins – and Tryptamines – are fully established as an expansive, immersive group conjuring up an album of apocalyptic dreamscapes.

On 'More Unforgotten Friends', Peterkins says: 'It's in memory of our adored, lost and also found friends, the ones we try to see more often than do. There are no strangers here, only friends we have not met, and negative energies we wish to avoid like a mean, strong, stinking smell.'

Watch the powerful video below.

The Way Which Can be Named is Not the Nameless Way is out now via FitLike Records.