Love Island villa evacuated over fire fears

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  • 12 July 2017
Camilla Thurlow

Camilla Thurlow

The producers of 'Love Island' escorted the contestants out of the villa last night after the smoke alarms went off

The 'Love Island' villa had to be evacuated over fears the place was about to go up in flames.

The remaining contestants - including Camilla Thurlow, Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen - of the reality TV show were ushered out of the plush pad in Mallorca, Spain, in a state of panic last night (11.07.17) after the smoke alarms began blaring but, thankfully, it was later discovered that they were triggered because some of the stars had been secretly smoking indoors.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "It was a quiet day and suddenly all hell broke loose. The fire alarm went off and everyone was really worried it was serious.

"Producers didn't want to take any chances so they made sure that the entire villa was evacuated. They wanted everyone out so they could make absolutely sure there were no injuries. Only once the whole villa had been looked at was it decided everyone could return."

Although bosses were thankful that no one was injured, they were fuming that some of the contestants hadn't taken notice of the terms of conditions, which stated no smoking was allowed in the villa, that they were presented with before they entered the stylish property at the beginning of last month.

The insider said: "It costs time and money to evacuate the whole villa.

"Producers told the contestants they need to abide by the rules on smoking or there will be serious consequences. They may even face the chop."

Despite the drama, none of it was reportedly caught on camera and won't be spoken about on screen.

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