Nile Rodgers shares new details on George Michael song

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  • 11 July 2017
Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers is still working on the song he collaborated with George Michael on before the singer's death

Nile Rodgers is still working on George Michael's comeback single.

The pair had been collaborating on new music for George last year, before he passed away suddenly at his home in England, but legendary producer Nile has been hard at work in the studio this week working on the song.

When a fan tweeted: "When is the song with George Michael is gonna be released? @nilerodgers," he replied: "I don't control that. I just make the music. But I love it and he sounds unreal."

He also wrote: "#georgemichael vocals are so hot the faders burned our hands @nilerodgers @RTGMusicMan @VillageStudios #losangeles," and later added: "It's bliss to hear this voice - this magical gift, that only the few rarified have that walk among us. I bow to #GeorgeMichael (sic)."

Chic lead guitarist Nile previously revealed he and George, 53, had been working on the track just two days before George died.

He said: "I didn't want to send the music to him. I had too much respect to send it to the record company. So he said 'I will call you on Christmas.' I flew back home Christmas Eve. Christmas, I'm sitting in the movie theater waiting for his call back and an alert comes across the screen, George Michael found dead. Unreal."

And George was a huge fan of Nile and Chic.

Nile, 64, said: "In 1985 I won the number one producer of the year. I never knew George Michael was number two. I never knew he produced all of his own stuff. He found out I was going to be in London and he called me up and said I'm doing a film, I'm on a comeback trail. I go to his house and start reading all these articles and that they're all about me. That he loved Chic and Stevie Wonder."

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