Fiona Wade doesn't approve of Emmerdale alter-ego's cheating scandal

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  • 11 July 2017
Fiona Wade

Fiona Wade

Fiona Wade is horrified by her 'Emmerdale' alter-ego's cheating scandal but loves working on the soap

Fiona Wade is horrified by her alter-ego's cheating scandal.

The 38-year-old actress' 'Emmerdale' character Priya Sharma is embroiled in a torrid affair with her best friend Leyla Harding's boyfriend Pete Barton and Fiona says she would never do the same.

She told The Sun: "I think women should stick together and honour each other, have that girl power thing. We should think about how other people feel.

"I'm in my 30s now, and along the way I've been cheated on and it is probably the worst feeling in the world.

"A woman always knows. And I trust my instinct as a woman very strongly."

Despite not agreeing with her character's actions, Fiona couldn't be happier with her role on 'Emmerdale'.

She said: "'Emmerdale' has definitely changed my life.

"I had been an actress for more than 20 years before I got 'Emmerdale', and I had done a lot of different things, dramas, West End shows. I had a good leg of work behind me, but you get to that point where you want the big job, the big break and I was waiting for that.

"I felt like I had tread the boards for a long time, and it would be great to get something big.

"When the part of Priya came along and I read the script, it just felt right. I know there are actors out there who would love to be doing something full time and be in a show like Emmerdale.

"It is fantastic, I never forget that. It has been incredible.

"I am absolutely loving it. It is the best show right now and I am very, very proud to be part of it. I am very proud of everything we have achieved over the last few years.

"As an actress you just want to work and be busy so it is great to have a storyline to get your teeth into.

"And I love Priya. She is feisty, she is a strong businesswoman, she has been through a lot. "

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