Dale's karate chop

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  • 18 June 2008

Dale and Jennifer on the sofa

Dale has been set his 'Karate Chop' task.

The housemate is undertaking the challenge on his own, and must chop a plank of wood in half using his bare hands.

Dale has been given a DVD player and an instructional DVD by Big Brother to help him with his task.

As Dale sat down to watch the DVD, Rex caught a glimpse of it over his shoulder and said: "That guy's insane. He chopped the board from about an inch away!"

Reluctant Dale then went into the garden to inspect the item he will have to chop, and returned to the house looking pale.

However, his worries soon vanished when Lisa gave him a plate of spaghetti, prompting Rex to chastise him: "You've got to do your task mate - you've got to focus. You haven't got time for this."

Meanwhile, some of the other housemates were upset when they discovered four bags of potatoes and lots of spaghetti in a kitchen cupboard.

Big Brother will confiscate any left over food before new rations arrive tomorrow (19.06.08), meaning the housemates must eat everything that is left tonight (18.06.08).

Mario, who has previously complained of being too weak to exercise due to the lack of food, was annoyed the group had been begging for food like "schoolchildren" when there was so much left over.

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