Junko Mizuno - comic review (4 stars)

Junko Mizuno

Pure Trance (Last Gasp)


This is the debut graphic novel from Japanese illustrator Junko Mizuno, best known for her garish hyper cute art with twisted dark edges, as wide-eyed, sexy Japanese girls are wrapped in the trappings of fetishism, drugs and death (the so called kawaii noir style). Originally created to accompany the techno CD series Pure Trance, Mizuno has up dated and expanded the story to a full length edition, a warped sci-fi packed with sadistic nurses, gore, S&M and chronic over eating. Admittedly the tale is simplistic and the script feels stilted at times, but Mizuno’s bold cartoonish art is so enticing you’ll forgive all misgivings. Achingly Japanese but beautiful to behold in its own unique style.

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